Awkward Showcase - Demo #3
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GotSoccer: The Sun#

Futevolei: A Brazilian Art#

Top 10 World Cup Fan Chants#

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Sheuneenio challenged fans from around the world to her Tshirt Challenge. See if you have the skills to complete the challenge?

Check out the second edition of Sheuneenio & Friends Samba Chain#

Thank you to all who participated. If you didn't make it into this chain episode, send us your video and hopefully we'll see you in our next one!

USA One Nation, One Team#

Join Sheuneenio & Friends Samba Chain#

GotSoccer and Sheuneenio would love for you to participate in 'Sheuneenio's Samba Chain.' Just follow the instructions as described in the video and hopefully you can join our samba chain.

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Colombia vs Ivory Coast #

USA vs Ghana #

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